Solar PCU


model S875/12V S107512V S1275/12V S1875/24V S2275/24V S2775/24V S3275/24V
No Load Current < 2.04 < 2.4A
Output Voltage @ No Load < 240VAC @12.O VDC < 240VAC @24.OVDC
Battery Current @ Full Load 44A ±2A 52A ±2A 64A ±2A 54A ±2A 64A ±2A 75A ±2A 92A ±2A
Over Load Alarm 46A ±2A 54A ±2A 66A ±2A 56A ±2A 66 ±2A 77A ±2A 94A ±2A
Battery Low Alarm 10.6 ±0.2V 21.2 ±0.2V
Battery Low Shutdown 10.4 ±0.2V 20.8 ±0.2V
Short Circuits Protection Yes
Inverter Output Frequency 50 ± 0.1Hz
Main Input Volatge Range 170V To 265V
Mains AC Low Cut 170VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC Low Cut Recovery 180VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC High Cut 265VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC High Cut Recovery 255VAC ± 10VAC
Maximum Change Over Time <8msec
Mains Input Voltage Range 90VAC To 290V
Mains AC Low Cut 90VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC Low Cut Recovery 110VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC High Cut 290VAC ± 10VAC
Mains AC High Cut Recovery 280VAC ± 10VAC
Maximum Change Over Time <20msec
Charging Current@220VAC 15.0 ±2A
Boost Voltage (Tub Mode) 14.4V ±0.2v 28.8V ±0.4V
Boost Voltage (LA Mode) 14.0V ±0.2v 28.8V ±0.4V
Boost Voltage (ENABLE Tub Mode) 15.0V ±2V 30.0V ±0.4V
Boost Voltage (ENABLE LA Mode) 15.0V ±2V 30.0V ±0.4V
Float Voltage 13.6V ±2V 27.2V ±0.4V
Short Circuit Yes
Battery Low Cut Off 1 TIme
Overload (Auto Retries) 4 TIme
Short Circuits (Auto Retries) 3 TIme
Over Temperature 3 TIme
Battery Over Charge Yes
Input Protection Yes (Mains Fuse Blown/MCB Trip in Case of Short Circuit in Mains Mode)
Rating 12V-30Amp 24V-50Amp 24V-70Amp
Input PV Voltage Max Voc 28V ±2V 54V ±2V
Maximum Solar Arrey Power 600W 2000W 2500W
Maximum PV Modules 190W 450W
Type Of Control Micro Controller
Type Of Solar Charger PWM
Efficency of SCC >90%
PV Voltage High Protection 28V ±2V 54V ±2V
PV High Current Protection 32Amp 55Amp 55Amp
16X2 LCD
20X4 LCD
Mains Voltage, Output Voltage, Battery Charged,Solar Current,Main MCB Trip and all protection alert with its remedy
LED INDICATIONS Mains On, Charging On, UPS, Battery Low, Overload